Uttarakhand’s Best Camping Destination


Uttarakhand has a few Hindu temples. This is a great place for tourists to see the beauty of nature and camp. You can enjoy a variety of activities in the Himalayas that will fill your heart. Uttarakhand also offers many adventure activities for adventure seekers. You are certain to have a great time camping in Uttarakhand.

You must visit these places to camp in Uttarakhand

Best Camping Facilities in Uttrakhand

Uttarakhand is home to many outdoor activities, including camping. Let’s have a look at some of the top camping spots in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is a top choice for both locals and tourists across India. People from all nationalities visit Uttarakhand to enjoy the beautiful camp.


Nainital, one of India’s most popular hill stations, is also known for its camping. Tourists travel from all parts of the world to Uttarakhand’s adventure camp. The camp’s beautiful surroundings and pearly pool continue to attract tourists from around the globe. You can stay in camps or tents, which allow you to be close to nature.

You can also participate in paragliding and rock climbing as well as mountain climbing. Nainital adventure games can be arranged on a budget to suit everyone.

Facilities: Luxury tents, bathrooms and toilets. Food, dining, and recreational activities.

Prices: INR 1200 – INR 7000

There are many options for accommodation in tents

The best time to do it is March-June


Rishikesh, located in the Himalayan Mountains, is one of Uttarakhand’s best camping spots. This city, located in the Dehradun area, is a tourist attraction and a sacred place. This area is a sacred site that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

This place is a great place to connect with nature. You can enjoy rafting along the Ganges, as well as other exciting sports. To fill your soul with joy, plan your next Rishikesh camp with your family and friends.

Amenities: Luxurious camps, food and dining areas, leisure activities, water, baths

Prices: From INR 1000 to the top

There are many options for accommodation in tents

The best time to plant is between March and June, or October and November


Kanatal has the best campsites in Uttarakhand for both outdoor and indoor camping. It is located at 2590m above sea level. The place has a rustic charm which attracts many people.

The place is far from the bustle and hustle of the city, so you can relax in the middle the mountains and enjoy the views. Kanatal is home to a forest rich in exotic flowers, fruit trees, herbs, and other plants. Cool walks can be enjoyed in the area as well as hiking and yoga.

Resources: Restaurant, leisure activities, drinking water, bathrooms

It costs R800

There are many options for accommodation in tents

The best time to visit: April-June


Auli, at an elevation of 8,200 feet, is a popular tourist spot in the Chamoli region. Tourists love to camp in this area, which is at 8,200 feet above the Himalayas. It is a popular spot for hikers because of its snow-capped mountains.

It is a meadow that is surrounded by oaks and coniferous trees, with a stunning view of the Himalayan Mountains. The wonderful weather makes camping a great experience. For a more adventurous experience, you can spend a night in the jungle.

Resources: Food, hobbies and drinking water.

Cost: 3-4 days at 5000INR per head

There are many options for accommodation in tents

Best time: All year

Bedni Bugyal

You must go to Bedni Bugyal to get an adventure camp in Uttarakhand. When someone mentions a trip to Uttarakhand, Ali and Bedni bugyal clash. Imagine yourself walking on a green carpet beneath a blue sky. This is a wonderful picture of a postcard you don’t see often in your busy life.

For nature lovers and artists, a camp in the pasture can be a dream come true. If you’re one of these people, you should not miss Uttarakhand’s camp site.

Resources: Activities, hiking and camping

There are many options for accommodation in tents

Best time: October-November

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun, located at 3566mts above sea level, is in disrepair in the middle of Govind Ballabh Pant National Park. The area is known for its incredible hiking trails and stunning views.

Har Ki Dun, hidden in the snow-covered peaks of Uttarakhand, is undoubtedly one top tourist destination. Bird watching, photography and hiking are some of the most common activities.

Accommodation Options

The best time to visit is April-June

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