Trekking In Manali: The Best Of Himalayan Trails In 2022!


Isn’t it exciting to have a close touch with nature right outside your tent door? Camping is both thrilling and rejuvenating. What better place to go camping than Manali if you’re looking to cross something off your travel bucket list? It is situated in the Himalayas, is a heaven for nature lovers and thrill seekers. While there are many exhilarating things to do in Manali, camping holds a specific place in everyone’s heart.

There are few feelings more attractive than pitching a tent under the night, enveloped by hills and valleys, breathing fresh air, and participating in adventurous activities. Manali has a lot to offer, whether you wish to run to a beach camping or take a holiday in the mountains. There are various exciting camping locations in this famous hill station, ranging from a night camp and an adventure camp to a riverside camp and (don’t forget) a Manali trekking camp. Manali is a gold mine of camps and adventure.


It is an absolute pleasure for adventure seekers. The mountains make the prevalent hill station one of the most coveted sites for trekking. It is long known to tourists for its scenic landscape and quaint hills, although in recent years the Himachal Pradesh government has endeavoured to increase adventure tourism in the city to spice up your trip to Manali. Mountaineering Institute in the city presents several types of high-altitude hiking and rock climbing opportunities. Yoga trekking is a unique concept that boosts physical and spiritual well-being.

Hampta Pass Trek:

The Hampta Pass Trek is best for anyone who enjoys mountains and wants to experience adventure in the midst of them. The moderately high elevation of this trek appeals to novice and amateur mountaineers alike. A trekker can reach a maximum altitude of around 14000 feet on this trail. Acclimatization is not required. The tour begins in Manali’s scenic area and takes visitors to beautiful and unique locations such as Chikka, the excursion’s first stop. Trekkers will also travel through extended Rhododendron, Oak, and Pine areas. 

Hampta Pass

Also on the way is the Hampta River. This river is used to transport goods and people. Hampta residents use it as a bridge to get to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Prini Village marks the start of the Hampta Pass Ranges. The journey is vibrant with vegetation and offers breathtaking views. This Hampta Pass Trek itinerary includes 8 nights and 9 days of trekking. The tour includes an exploration of nature’s best beauty. In a nutshell, it is a good trek for nature lovers seeking an adrenaline rush.

Pin Parvati Trek:

The Pin Parvati Trek is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most enthralling and mysterious trekking trails. The incredible beauty of this trek will make you forget about the difficulties it presents. Take a glimpse of the snow-capped mountain summits of the mighty Himalayas as you cross the burgeoning Parvati Valleys through the Spiti Valley.

The breathtaking view of Thukarkuan and Mantalai necessitates acclimatisation before your flight to Mantalai Lake, which will awaken your serene senses. With its terrains of mountains, snowfields, and rocky bridges, the much-anticipated Parvati Base Camp and the Pin Base Camp welcomes you.


Witness the splendid flowers and revel in the vivacity of the mountains, while ambling along the Pin Valley National Park’s border will allow you to spot enthralling wildlife. The memoirs of this awe-inspiring Pin Parvati Trek will leave you feeling enthusiastic and grant you an engaging experience as you make your way through Which Kurung Thatch and forward to Kaza.

Prashar Lake trek:

One of Himachal Pradesh’s finest trekking destinations is Kullu Valley’s blue water lake, tucked among the majestic Dhauladhar Ranges. Forest settings and charming rivers, gorgeous cities, and spectacular views of the Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, and Kinnaur mountain ranges are all waiting to be found. It’s an explanatory journey in itself for nature lovers and those seeking isolation, not only because of the breathtaking views, but also because of the abundance of serenity offered by Himachal Pradesh’s residents.

Beas Kund trek:

It is one of the best trekking known for enterprise and power. Beas Kund trek is unique among the most famous treks that one can do at a more drawn-out weekend . The trek refreshes you from the buzzing about Manali.

Taking after the banks of Beas River expect incredible views of the Pir Pinjal ranges. The glades of Dhundi and Bakarthach are tremendous in their glamour. As you move higher you reach the starting point of River Beas. A little cold lake is fed by the softening snow of the loftier tops of the district. This trekking is suited for all age groups and no trekking experience is required to do it.

Deo Tibba base camp trek:

Deo Tibba base camp trek is very much renowned for trekking places. Hampta Pass is a beauty amongst the most amusing treks in the area. Deo Tibba at 4267m is a central crest in the eastern Pir Panjal Range and Hampta Pass used to be the everyday course amongst Kullu and Lahaul valleys. 

This trek takes us over the magnificent foothills of the Himalayas, the Pir Panjal Range, crossing at Hampta Pass (4267m) to achieve remote Lahaul – a separate area of Himachal Pradesh. 

Kheerganga trek:

Kheerganga trek is the most suggested among all the treks in Parvati valley and takes you through some fantastic scenery. It needs neither too much time nor any previous trekking experience. It makes it perfect for any newbie trekker or a backpacker.

While going through the majestic landscape of Himachal Pradesh, you will be treated to majestic sights of nature. On the path, pass a few wooden bridges and some slippery sections. 

During this part of the Kheerganga trek from Kasol, treat your eyes to many scenic waterfalls. Remember to take pictures of every single one of these.

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