Top 12 best apps for iPhone

The Apple app store is the easiest way to get applications (apps) onto your iPhone or iPad. There are many different applications to choose from, including games, education, productivity, news, reference, maps, music, utilities, etc.

The iPhone’s App Store has over 2 million applications available right now. Many of those apps have access to sensitive information about your Apple device, whether that’s your contacts, messages, location, photos, calendar events, videos, music files, and much more. If any app has access to that kind of data, then it can potentially be used by hackers to steal that information or use it for malicious purposes. An app can even spy on you without your knowledge by secretly recording audio or video via your microphone or camera. If you have an Android phone and want to use iPhone features then you should know how to get iPhone emojis on android.

Here is the list of 12 best apps for iPhone

1. Photo Editor – Photoshop Express

The most popular photo editing app on earth. Use its advanced filters, retouching tools, layers, and much more to create stunning images. All of these features work well even without an internet connection, making this app perfect to capture amazing memories on the go.

2. Google Maps & Waze

Google Maps and Waze have been around for quite some time now and they still remain the most popular navigation tool on the planet. Both of them offer free offline navigation which means no data charges for users.

3. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is a music distribution service that gives musicians and producers a platform to share their creations and promote music. Users can upload audio to personal profiles and subscribe to other user’s feeds. The site then organizes those tracks into playlists and lets listeners rate/review them. If you’re looking to find new music, you can search through the millions of songs uploaded by other people using tags (like artist name, genre, etc.). Or, you can follow the music you love and listen to updates from artists and bands you want to hear.

4. Instagram

Instagram, the famous picture-sharing social network, has become immensely popular over the years. Its simple interface makes uploading pictures fast and easy even if you don’t have any technical experience. If you want to share your adventures with the world just take a picture with your smartphone and upload it to Instagram.

5. Google Keep

Remember those days when we had to write things down? Well, those times have gone away with the invention of the smartphone. Now, keep track of everything using Google Keep, a note-taking application. You have the option to create different lists for your daily activities, shopping lists, tasks, etc., and you can categorize items in each list.

6. WhatsApp

This instant messaging app is loved worldwide because of its simplicity of use and ease of communication. Share photos, videos, voice messages, and contacts with friends and family members. And what’s best about this is that you get free international calls at low rates.

7. Spotify

Spotify is an online streaming music player that lets people discover new artists and playlists while having access to millions of songs. People use it to enjoy their favorite albums, find new music, and make playlists based on genres.

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun way to send pics and video notes to your friends and family and watch them disappear after viewing. You can add text, stickers, and emojis to your snaps and you can even set yourself a timer so the snap disappears after a certain amount of time.

9. Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging application developed by Jack Dorsey. On Twitter, users can read, write, search for, and reply to messages sent by other users. Messages can range from text to images, videos, hashtags, emojis, links, and even live streaming videos. In addition to sending tweets and reading updates, users can follow others and receive updates about what these people are doing.

10. Vine

Vine is an app similar to YouTube that was created in June 2010. It allows users to create six-second looping videos consisting of moving images and sound. The maximum length of a Vine is 6 seconds, and if users exceed the time limit, their videos will disappear. Videos uploaded to Vine are public unless the creator chooses otherwise

11. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social website that enables its users to “pin” items to virtual pinboards. Pinners who join the site may browse other users’ pinboard pages to view pins related to specific topics. Pins can consist of various media including images, GIFs, videos, audio, links, and text. As of October 2015, there were over 200 million active monthly users on the platform.

12. YouTube

YouTube is a video hosting website that offers videos provided by individuals, businesses, educational institutions, news organizations, government agencies, NGOs, and amateur filmmakers. Videos range from professional quality productions to home movies captured with digital camcorders. Uploaded content is automatically public and indexed by search engines within days. Anyone can sign up to create his or her own channel. Channels can be dedicated to specific interests or the creator can use the site to post anything they want. Viewers are connected through comments and subscriptions. Subscribe to channels you enjoy and look forward to their content, or keep up with all the latest uploads from creators you want to watch.

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