Tips To Improve IELTS Reading Skills

Improve IELTS Reading Skills

IELTS Reading Skills

Let me share with you some really great IELTS reading tips. What makes them so great? Well, keep in mind that IELTS reading passages and questions vary a lot – there are two versions of the IELTS reading test (the Academic IELTS exam and the General Training exam) and twelve types of reading questions. Let’s read out tips to improve iELTS reading skills for students.

And yet, the 10 tips I’m going to give you will help you develop your reading skills for every type of question and pass, no matter which IELTS test you’re taking!

IELTS Reading Tips: Keys to Success

Does Extensive Reading Practice?

You should follow this IELTS reading tips because put into practice really does make wonderful. In addition to practice tests, there are many newspapers, magazines, and websites that offer great additional reading resources on various topics for your next test. In your spare time, spend some time reading these materials. When you get used to reading long and difficult passages, your reading speed will definitely increase significantly. This will greatly improve your confidence and understanding in written English.

IELTS for Expand Your Vocabulary

Rather, it is a collection of several IELTS reading tips on how to expand your vocabulary.

Needless to say, the more you know the IELTS vocabulary, the easier the IELTS Reading exam will be for you. IELTS’s vocabulary is much more, more important if your aiming for a high band score. As you prepare for the exam, be sure to study new words regularly. Your goal should be to learn 15-20 new words every day.

Also, try to read regularly in English (15 to 20 minutes a day at least!). It’s a great idea to keep a vocabulary journal while you read. Save new and unfamiliar words, and then define each one with a synonym or a short definition. Keep it simple. You should go back to your list several times a week to review it, focusing on terms you have trouble remembering. Additionally, IELTS coaching offers a Vocabulary Flashcard app and Vocabulary PDF wordlist for IELTS. (Bonus: they’re both free!) No matter how you prefer to review vocabulary, study a little each day!

Reading is one of the most complicated modules in IELTS. However, it’s not difficult if you do the right thing, which is to understand the concept. To get good groups, you need to develop good reading skills. There are some strategies that students can develop in order to get good groups. Check out some tips to improve your IELTS reading skills:

Read As Much As Possible with IELTS:

The first, but most important tip is to read as much as you can. The text used in the IELTS reading is generally academic, so do general reading as much as possible. First of all, you will become more confident because you will be able to understand every word. Second, read short articles in newspapers or magazines that interest you. Plus, you’ll become familiar with a range of vocabularies and synonyms that will help you improve your IELTS reading skills.

Skim and Scan – This is the Plan:

Skimming and scanning are very important because the IELTS reading exam is very long so without these two things you will not be able to complete your exam. Develop your ability to skim to read passages quickly and by scanning, find the specific information you want. First, it will improve your reading speed. Moreover, it will saves you a bunch of time.

Underline the Keywords:

This is one thing to do before the start of each passage, underline the keywords in the question and look in the passage related to those keywords. First, you will get the relevant information which will save you a lot of time. On the other hand, look for synonyms because they are often expressed in passages to confuse you. It will definitely help students to improve their IELTS reading skills.

Manage Your Time:

Most of the students are running out of time before reaching pass 3 of the IELTS reading exam. They should take about 20 minutes to complete each pass. On the other hand, don’t give too much time to a single question, if you can’t find the answer, guess it and come back to it later when you have time. Also, mark your answers on the answer sheet simultaneously as you complete each pass as you do not get extra time in the IELTS reading module.

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