Some Unknown Facts in IELTS Listening Test

About IELTS Listening Test

IELTS Listening Test

IELTS listening test also very important part of IELTS test. But candidates always ignore this part and keep focusing on other three tasks. Let’s check some unknown facts in IELTS listening test followed with some tips to keep in mind.

Facts About IELTS Listening Test

Sign language

Listen to sign language when the speaker speaks. We display symbols and graphs to connect ideas and show the audience that we are touching on to a new idea. Sign language includes words such as:

  • First — in the future
  • Second – after that
  • At last

Planning in Listening Task

In a card labelling question or plan, you can use expressions such as:

To be continued…

Now we have to…

Outside of the library, you must…

These also show progress.

Recognizing sign language will help you follow the recording more easily. Also, in better understand what is being said.

8) Capital letters

My next tip for listening to IELTS is about grammar. Always kepp in mind that use Uppercase for proper nouns. If you forget , your answer will be poorly marked.

Also, a proper name is a name given to something to make it more specific. For example,

Common noun

  • A Boy
  • A City
  • A Country
  • A Day
  • An Organisation

Proper noun

  • Alex
  • London
  • China
  • Monday
  • United Nations

If you have trouble remembering this grammar rule, write your answers in all caps to test your listening so you don’t get it wrong.

Read the instructions

Also, read the instructions carefully and pay particular attention to the number of words. You may allowed to write in limit. For example,


If you write more than three words. As a result, even if your information is correct and your answer will be poorly marked.

Other questions may ask you to write MORE than TWO words or just one word, so be careful. Do not miss the signs of such stupid errors.

Are you ready?

Do not call for the IELTS test until you are ready to submit it. I get a lot of emails from students asking for tips and tricks on listening to IELTS at the last minute because their exams are a few weeks away and they know their English isn’t good enough for their desired scores.

If you’re not ready, don’t take the exam!

No language tips and tricks can help you in real life, so don’t expect them to pass the test either.

As long as you take the time and effort to get the necessary points and you will finally achieve your dream. Pass the exam very quickly and you will only feel frustrated, lose confidence and waste money.

All of my lessons have been created to help you. It is for help you in achieve your dream. As quickly as possible. Please use them fully and study hard.

Listening IELTS Test – All Task

IELTS Listening Test – Understanding the Format and Question Types. Also, to Know what skills are being assessed. Also discover 3 important branding tips.

Listening Strategies – Learn 3 basic listening strategies – analyze questions, predict answers and how to use keywords.

Listening Skills – Learn the 4 basic listening skills needed to get high scores. Examples from real questions.

Listening Exercises – 8 listening exercises to identify and learn vocabulary for 6 common topics – time, numbers, prices, dates, letter names and addresses.

10 types of audition questions – Examples of the 10 types of audition questions. Learn to recognize and understand them.

Listening Tips – Join IELTS coaching in Agra for top tips for passing your listening test. Important information you need to know to get high scores.

Listening experience – 4 exercises to develop your listening skills

Map & Plan Dictionary – Learn the dictionary you need to test. 5 maps and plans with example sentences containing a general dictionary of location and direction.

Sample Listening Exercises – Short exercises to improve your listening skills and help you learn the vocabulary of the subject. These were some unknown facts and talks about IELTS listening test you should consider before taking test. Also, you should enroll in IELTS coaching classes as you will need mentor for this. As a result, professional guidance is needed for IELTS preparation.  Join IELTS coaching classes in Agra as Agra offer IELTS coaching in reasonable fees.

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