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Stretching across two Himalayan states of India, the Rupin pass trek is a high altitude trek which offers a great view of the natural diversity and wilderness. This trek is very popular among Indians as well as foreign tourists and those planning this challenging journey in this summer season can expect a big expedition. The journey starts from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and ends at Sangla and you might have to cross the state border to enter Himachal near Kinnaur.


On this route, you will visit the famous hanging village in Jhaka and get a great experience of  standing on the snow bridge with the Rupin River flowing right below you and falling off of the side of the mountain to form a beautiful waterfall right in front of you.

After walking through dense forests of firs, rhododendrons and oaks, the forest opens up to a spectacular view of the Kailash peak as you reach the end of the trek. After spending a day at the peak, you’ll pass through Ronti Gad and Sangla with the trek ending in Shimla, and after the mountain experience, the local culture feels very different from where you started. The route of your trek will be 52 km long with wonderful scenery for your eyes. The Rupin Pass trek is divided into 7 days, with an average of 7 to 8 km covered each day.

Trekking Trail

On the trekking trail, you will experience a significant change in landscape and terrain with changing altitude. First, the trail takes you through Govind National Park or Govind Vanya Pashu Vihar. The trek route passes through coniferous forests and small towns and villages that have settled on the banks of stream valleys situated on the lower altitudes.

You will experience the mesmerizing sight of vibrant meadows, also known as Thach; wild flowers with a variety of colors; waterfalls; As you get to a higher altitude, you’ll be flooded with vast stretches of ice-covered fields. In the summer season, these stretches of land remain covered with snow, while in the post-monsoon season, you can find wildflowers blooming along the trekking path. It looks beautiful and creates a peaceful environment as you experience the beauty of nature on your trekking route. It’s a completely different view from the top of the Rupin Pass. 

How to get to the Rupin Pass

By flight

Nearest airport – Chandigarh Airport. Several bus and taxi services are available from the airport to Shimla. From Shimla it is a beautiful 198 km drive of approximately 8 hours.

By train

Nearest Railway Station – Kalka Railway Station and Chandigarh Railway Station. Several bus services are available from the train station, as well as taxis. It is a beautiful 198 km drive of approximately 8 hours.

On the road

Shima is accessible to all the major cities of India by road and bus services available from the major cities of India. After reaching Shimla, you can opt for bus or taxi as there are several bus and taxi services available. It is a beautiful 198 km drive of 7 to 8 hours.

Best time to visit

Since it is a crossover trek, it is always advisable to visit in summer or post monsoon season. Although the summer season is open throughout the year except the monsoon season (for landslides and slippery ditches), it has been proven to be popular with all tourists due to the pleasant weather conditions. Tourists prefer to visit the Rupinski Pass from mid-April to June and from September to October.

Difficulty level of the trek

With a huge stretch of 52 km covered in 8 days, 7-8 km per day, the Rupin Pass trek in India is considered moderate to difficult. It’s important to note that “difficulty” can be a relative term. Fit and active people often find the trek smooth and enjoy the leisurely ascent and descent. The trek includes a variety of terrains, from pleasant, peaceful meadows to rugged terrain and hiking along narrow cliff-edge paths. 

Is the trek safe?

Absolutely! Yes, there are steep climbs, sharp descents and narrow cliff-edge paths. But, the trek route for you is safe and provides a picturesque view. With proper precautions and good trekking shoes, you can safely complete your trek. 

Tips to prepare for a successful Rupin Pass trek

Necessities for the trek

It is essential that you bring a proper waterproof trekking bag with winter clothing and basic camping essentials. Wear proper trekking shoes and make sure that you wear them before beginning your trek. You can contact our team and rent trekking shoes along with the other mountain equipment.

What to wear to survive in the weather? 

The trick is layering. Yes, you will wear winter clothes to beat the cold temperatures. But you can get hot while trekking. So it’s important to layer light winter clothes instead of one heavy-duty winter clothing so that you can take them off whenever you feel sweaty during the trek. 


Rupin Pass is a high altitude trek. This means that you will need endurance and proper fitness to have a smooth and comfortable experience. A month before the trek, you can start exercising and building up your stamina. An hour of strength and endurance workout for a month should be enough for you. If you are a smoker, it is better if you cut down on smoking and stop a month before the trekking meeting so that your lungs can function at full capacity in the thin mountain air. 

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