Reason to Choose Amity University Dubai

Amity University of Dubai

Amity is one of India’s leading educational groups, with more than 1, 00,000 international students studying on 1,000 acres of high-tech Amity University Dubai campus. Here are some Reasons to Choose Amity university Dubai as a study abroad destination.

So, I will tell you why you choose Amity University Dubai. In Amity, management cares about leaders who are not only inclusive professionals, but also good people who have values and ethics. This is just one of the main reasons why we are consistently Amity University Dubai ranking on No. 1.

Some Facts about Amity University

Here are some facts about Amity University:

The government agreed

As you Know, Amity University is accredited by the state council, and has been accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for completing state legislation.

The Best Infrastructure in the World

The world class structures at Amity we compare to the best companies in the world. Our teachers and core team travel the world to learn and understand best practices so we can lay a solid foundation for learning.
As part of these activities, we have air-conditioned classrooms that provide the perfect space for dynamic and focused discussions, while our camp libraries have more than 1, 00,000 books, magazines, national and international journals, and CDs. ROMS, which covers all aspects of academic study and research materials. High -tech labs are the ideal base for young professionals, allowing students to apply what they have learned from theory.

Prominent Coaches

There are 4,000 active experts under the leadership of 11 former vice presidents, former UGC chairmen and AICTE vice -chairmen. Leading experts of the industry, as visiting professors, will share valuable experiences of the industry.

Ranking of Amity University Dubai

  • As, Friendly organizations are consistently ranked among the top.
  • Amity University came first. Also, 1 Private University.
  • Amity Business School received a 7th grade from the business world among all business schools.

Places are 100% guaranteed

This issue is the main strength of the University of Dubai. As a result, a corporate resource center that can’t be replaced to offer an amazing space. International models work with leading companies such as McKinsey, Ernst & Young, HLL and Reliance.
As a result, more than 4,000 students have been placed at the university this year, and more than 800 students have been placed even a year before the award.
Leading companies from a variety of industries are coming to the campgrounds at Amity University. Nearly all of the students had enrolled in technical courses at least one year prior to graduation.

Centralized Corporate Communication

More Group Relations More than 1,500 organizers work together in a series of Presidential banquets, organizers ’meetings and guest lectures. Also, career and alumni guidelines for each student. More than 300 workshops organized by Amity or a fellow student. Amity University is the only organization that has helped host more than 50 leading groups in recent years, including Tom Peters, Kenichi Omma, Robert Kaplan and Ricardo Selmer.

Excellent Students

Only good students will join Amity selected from 1, 50,000 candidates. The final group of interviews will involve key corporate executives.
Amity has more than 1,00,000 students in 240 subjects, including law, journalism, telephony, biotechnology and more. There are few ways that business schools can offer.
Industry with Education
Also, physical training exercises. Enter one of the 8 fields with the same number of kit courses. Certification courses in foreign trade languages, values and customs, art appreciation, golf. Also, a huge Military training campus for students to learn leadership and devotion.

Amity University Dubai Campus

  • More than 1000 hectares of high -tech camps
  • It is spread over 4.5 million square feet. It is of residential space
  • India’s first wireless network with more than 4,000 HP / IBM network servers
  • 600 MBPS bandwidth
  • The appearance of the theater, the air classes
  • The existing laboratories are a training base for new specialists
  • New audiences are a base for regular business meetings

Personality Development

At Amity the focus is on making yourself not only clear in the field, but as team leaders and players and preparing you for the real business world.
Residential Facilities and Residential Location
Thousands of students around the country live in Amity’s homes, which are “not at home”. For boys and girls there is a separate house, a caretaker, and full care.
However, if you are unsure about enrolling at Amity University in Dubai, you can talk to with study abroad consultants. Abroad consultant is one of the best tips on studying abroad.

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