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As of now, Jeet11 is the fastest-growing fantasy sports platform in India. You can register using a referral code and get up to Rs 100 in bonus cash. There are several games to play, a referral code, and a minimum withdrawal limit. In addition, you can win Immunity Cards when you refer friends. If you want to join Jeet11 but do not know where to begin, read on.

Jeet11 is India’s Fastest-Growing Fantasy Sports Platform

In the last few years, Indian internet users have become increasingly interested in betting on fantasy sports events, and online gaming sites like Jeet11 have popped up in every corner of the country. The popularity of fantasy sports in India is largely due to the growing popularity of cricket, the most popular sport in the country. As a result, several Indian states have banned the betting industry. To avoid this situation, users must first confirm that they do not live in a state that has banned online gambling.

The app was developed by the Chinese social network ShareChat, a company that raised $100 million in August 2013, led by Twitter. Its fantasy sports app is currently available in the web-view format and is not listed on Google Playstore. ShareChat has been distributing the Jeet11 fantasy sports app through the Xiaomi GetApps app store and has a presence in several Indian regional languages. Although it has not disclosed its association with ShareChat, the company has attracted over 120K users.

Variety of Games

Jeet11 is a popular new application that allows you to play fantasy games and earn money. Like many fantasy sports applications, you form a team and compete in matches to earn points. If you do well, you can win a big amount of money. The user interface is simple and straightforward. In addition, the application allows you to earn money for referring friends to the app. When a friend wins a match, you earn a commission on their winnings.

The game allows you to choose up to seven players from each team. The current match dashboard allows you to view your team’s points and the winning amount. The winning team is then paid within two to three hours. Players can create their own teams, as well as participate in other leagues. While playing, new users will get a bonus in their account. You can participate in competitions after the toss to increase your chance of winning.

Free and Real Money Games

Jeet11 is a website that allows users to play fantasy cricket games with the convenience of their own home. The site offers free and real-money games. To join, users must first choose the content they are interested in, usually cricket. Players then build a team of their favorite players. They use points to build a squad, choose a captain, and select players for the team.

Once you’ve registered with Jeet11, you’ll need to sign up and enter your name and mobile number. Next, you’ll be asked to enter an OTP. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll be able to enter your referral code. The code can be used to earn bonus money. Each time you refer a friend to the site, you’ll receive a Rs 100 bonus.

Minimum With Drawal Limit

If you’re wondering whether Jeet11 has a minimum withdrawal limit, don’t worry – it’s only Rs.10 and if you’ve won a lot of money you can withdraw the rest within seven days. To withdraw money from Jeet11, you must first link your bank account with your phone number. After that, you can withdraw your winnings in a matter of 24 hours. After completing the process, you will receive a confirmation SMS and the amount will be sent to your bank account.

In addition to a minimum withdrawal amount, Jeet11 may also have third-party vendors involved in its Contests. These vendors are independent of Jeet11 and are not liable for any damage or loss that may arise from such third-party activities. Jeet11 may subcontract or transfer its rights to third-party vendors in order to process payments and administer its Contests.

Final Steps:

You can use Jeet11’s immunity card system to avoid losing in mega contests. An immunity card enables you to participate in a mega contest without risking your entire investment. These cards are earned by referring other players or depositing 500 INR. Purchasing an immunity card is a good investment. It’s possible to earn several Immunity Cards in one go read more.

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