How to Treat Darkly Pigmented Gums with Multifocal Pigmentation

Multifocal Pigmentation: How to Address Darkly Pigmented Gums

Pigmentation of the gums or oral mucus membranes can be cause by many factors, including age, disease, genetics, and trauma. However, the darkly pigmented gums that result from some of these conditions are not aesthetically displeasing to all patients; in fact, many people actually find it to be an attractive feature that adds character to their smile.

What Causes Darkening of Gum Tissue?

Mucosal pigmentation can occur due to deposition of exogenous foreign materials such as dental amalgam, tattoo pigment, or graphite. An individual’s immune system may also contribute to this process by reacting with the materials and depositing lymphocytes, macrophages, and plasma cells in local areas. Often these deposits appear around gum tissue, but can appear anywhere on the mucosa. The discoloration does not constitute a health risk. Individuals who want lighten their gums may try applying peroxide mouthwash or undergoing laser treatments that utilize wavelengths selective for melanin (e.g., blue light).

What Are The Consequences Of HavingDarkly Pigmented Gums?

Darkly pigmented gums can inhibit the self-confidence of a bright smile. Additionally, Mucosal pigmentation is cause by exogenous substances and other substances that are deposit in the oral mucosa, such as dental amalgam or tattoo pigment. The dark colorations may also be a sign of conditions like steatosis (fatty liver) or melanin-associate sarcoidosis. Regardless of their appearance, most people with darkly pigmented gums don’t have any serious health risk associate with them. However, if these discolorations occur along with a noticeable raise area (granuloma), ulceration, redness or an unexplaine fever then it is wise to visit a physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Are There Any Health Implications For Having A Dark Gum Line?

Racial pigmentation, ethnic pigmentation, and multifocal pigmentation in the gums and oral mucus membranes are not a health threat. However, many people feel that darkly pigmented gums limit the self-confidence afford by a bright white smile. Mucosal pigmentation can occur due to deposition of exogenous foreign materials such as dental amalgam or graphite. The deposits vary from blue-black pigment that resembles tattoos to light brown material, which some believe can be staine with dye or powder after days of chewing.

Will Lightening My Gum Lines Give Me A Brighter Smile?

No, lightening the color of your gums will not help you attain a brighter smile. This is because dark gums are often a result of a pigment or mucosal pigmentation that occurs due to the deposition of exogenous foreign materials such as dental amalgam, tattoo pigment, or various medications. To lighten these stains, there are many in-office teeth whitening options available.

What Is The Best Way To Brighten My Gum Lines?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to brighten your gums, we recommend using two of the most well-known whitening products on the market today. Many people use an at-home tray that gently polishes their teeth while applying a gel or wax to make them more resistant to stains. Others use graphite toothpaste which is formulate with a special ingredient that gradually removes surface stains by penetrating the teeth’s enamel and polishing away any rough areas cause by gum disease. The best part is, these products can be use in conjunction with one another, so you can have twice as much power against darkly pigmented gums!

Non-Surgical Treatments For Brightening TheGum Line

There are a few non-surgical treatments that can help you brighten your smile. These include teeth whitening and an oral care regimen for healthy gums, combine with possible treatments for dark pigmentation. Professional teeth whitening using a gel containing peroxide or carbamide acid or a laser treatment may be recommend by your dentist as an initial course of treatment if the person’s teeth are not too badly staine. While laser treatments have been found to work best on tan or brown stains, they do not work well on black and grey stains due to hair follicles blocking the light path.

Surgical Treatment Options for IncreasingBrightness of Soft Tissue

When it comes to multifocal pigmentation and dark gums, there are a few different options. The most common is laser therapy. In this procedure, pigment in the tissue is destroy by exposing it to a beam of coherent light. This can take between three and six visits space roughly two weeks apart each. Oral graphite therapy is another treatment option that uses a medication that’s dissolve in water, which makes the tissue temporarily darken. There may be other cosmetic solutions out there as well; however, these are the most common ways for treating dark skin around teeth or gums.

What is mucosal pigmentation?

Mucosal pigmentation is a dark coloration of the tissues of the mouth cause by iron deposits, which can also be an indication of iron deficiency. The condition is not harmful, but many people feel that darkly pigmented gums limit their self-confidence afford by a bright white smile. Fortunately, there are treatments for this natural variation in tooth and gum coloration including brushing with toothpaste containing activate charcoal or graphite powder. Consult your dentist for personalize advice on appropriate treatments for you!

What causes gingival hyperpigmentation?

Many different factors can cause gingival hyperpigmentation. Periodontal disease, which causes inflammation and swelling of the gums, is a major culprit for gum darkening. There are also several types of medications that can contribute to this condition, including oral contraceptives and antimalarial medications. Finally, it’s important to remember that systemic conditions such as vitiligo and melanoma can also cause gingival hyperpigmentation. Graphite helps mask dark pigments by filling in the dentin of your teeth with a substance that gives your smile a new, natural appearance; there are also topical treatments available for patients who want fast results.

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