How to style denim fabric or outfits: A guide for arabic women

The common misconception that it’s impossible to look modest when wearing denim pants and a headscarf is progressively being dispelled. Jeans of denim fabrics may be worn with any sort of attire, whether you like loose fitting styles or more form fitting garments. 

There is no denying that a woman wearing a hijab exudes sophistication and confidence. Despite the fact that the term “hijab” may have a variety of meanings, this article will focus on the fashion trend of wearing jeans with a traditional headscarf of floral print, patterned, checkers design and many more. 

Flared jeans with bright colored top

Using a mixture of buttery, creamy yellow with neon green, blue, or orange. These tees with the hijab will look awesome with some hip high-waisted flared jeans. Her gorgeous blouse and vibrant hijab include a floral or cherry blossom motif that pairs well with the jeans you plan to wear. Also, add some height with towering heels, and accessorise with a cute crossbody purse to complete her ensemble.

Head scarf and denim gown 

This hijabi is dishing up quite the style, if you ask me. T-shirts and skinny jeans are acceptable. This traditional hijab with intricate embroidery is an elegant way to conceal her bosom and remain modest. Wearing a heart-patterned, open-back gown is another option. The outfit is awesome because it combines power with understatement.

Summer outfit 

Many elements that may be seen as obstacles to a hijab wearer have been incorporated into the hijab. A recent development in hijab style is the use of baseball hats. You may often see it on people dressed in a street-chic fashion. The lovely ladies look adorable in their coordinated ensembles of pink headgear, white hijabs, sweatshirts, and light blue mom jeans. These trendsetters’ selections—from their “expensive” slippers to their “adorable” travel bags and “bright” suitcases—prove that convenience and style are not mutually exclusive when on the road.

Colored jeans and printed hijab 

This is the quintessential “schoolboy” style. The emerald green of the trousers complements the piping on the patterned hijab. Overall, this ensemble is really appealing to us. The green jacket looks great against the white shirt. The hijab has a pattern, yet it’s easy to wear and stays in place. The outfit seems to provide a fair amount of comfort and mobility.

Boyfriend jeans, blazer and patterned scarf 

This pairing is ideal if you’re going for a sophisticated and put-together appearance. The patterned hijab, muted grey coat, and white pants complement one another well. This style exudes an air of cleanliness and neatness. This kind of clothing is appropriate for business meetings and interviews. Try switching up the white jeans with a pair of black ones and the flats for a pair of high heels. There is no need to accessorise, however a watch might be appropriate.

Formal outfit with warm tone

The colour brown really stands out. One immediately thinks of hot beverages, sweet treats, and comforting environments like coffee, tea, and chocolate. Thus, the hijab, which is skin toned, is paired with skinny trousers and a long shirt in a cinnamon brown hue with a buttoned collar. The shirt’s button detail, along with its overall shape and fit, make it perfect for dressy occasions.

Floral hijab with belt 

The combination of the patterned hijab, white blouse, and black belt in this outfit is stunning. The cardigan’s bright red hue is a nice touch. This getup is perfect for looking stylish when entertaining guests in your own home.

It has all the qualities of a house, with the added bonus of being adorable. You may play around with various belt colours, but I recommend sticking to more muted tones like beige or pastel pink.


Someone very enlightened once stated that a person’s attractiveness is not diminished by hijab attire any more than the sun’s brightness is diminished by clouds. Wearing a hijab with self-assurance and pride sends a message to the world that you are happy with your life choices and that no one can take that away from you. If you want to opt for these kinds of looks and are looking for wholesale fabric manufacturers then you can checkout the latest collection at fabriclore. Here you will get a plethora of choices with an option of easy customization.

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