How to start playing cricket at Under 19

Cricket is a worldwide sport that is growing in popularity each year.

Due to this, we are seeing a lot of new cricket fans from all ages

who are eager to become involved in the game and begin playing with an organization.

A few of these newcomers are even more ambitious in the hope that

they will someday wear the national jersey of their squad and play for their nation in the world!

I was enthralled by cricket in my teens, and I began to wonder whether

I was old enough to be a part of the sport.

Do other players seem to be far ahead of me had I not been a cricket player before?

What amount would I have to work on so that I could catch-up?

Was I able to have a chance of being proficient enough to be

able to play for my town or for my country?

All of these are questions I have been asking myself!

If you’re at the age of 19 older and looking to get your career in

cricket beginning, you’re probably looking for teams!

Perhaps you’re also wondering what the chances are of reaching the

highest stages of your game, and eventually becoming a professional.

If these are questions that you’re looking for the answers to and you’re here, then you’re at the right spot!

In this article we’ll look at the possibility of starting to play cricket when

you’re 19 and what kinds of teams are available to join

which pieces of equipment are required and how you can choose

which club to join and whether you stand the chance to turn the sport into a profession!

Also, can you begin playing cricket as young as 19?

You can, so long as you’re willing to train regularly!

If you’re 19 years old, you’ll be considered not suitable for junior cricket,

and you’ll need to join your local open age cricket team.

Open age teams allow players of all ages to compete against one another.

A lot of cricket clubs include more than one open-age team

Each team will choose players according to their capabilities.

For instance, if the club has an A-team, it is usually the one that features the most skilled players.

The ‘B-team’ will have players who are not quite up to the standard

while the ‘C team will provide opportunities to players who are

relatively new to the game or who are less skilled and knowledgeable.

If you’re 19 years old and have never been in an actual cricket team

then you’ll likely be better suited for the teams at lower levels.

If you were me, I’d suggest joining a team that has a C-team so that

you’ll have the chance to compete against players who are of similar level as you.

No matter which team you choose to join and at which level you’re starting at,

you’ll need to spend a lot of practice time to develop the

fundamental skills you’ll require for becoming an effective fielder, bowler, or batsman.

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The majority of teams run weekly practice sessions lasting between 1 and 2 hours.

These can be great for improving in your game.

But, to make real advancements, try to invest a bit more time as well.

It’s true that the sport of cricket can be a lot more enjoyable when you feel

that you’re helping to improve the performance of your team every single week.

The only way to do it consistently is to practice a lot!

The majority of 19-year-old cricketers have played for some time at the moment,

and you’ll be working hard to catch up.

Personally, I’d suggest practicing the basics of cricket at home prior to

joining to net sessions with an actual cricket club.

This will enable you to feel more at ease attending the first session of practice.

When you turn up without being bowled or batted before,

you could be slightly uncomfortable in front of your brand new teammates!

If you’ve been a cricketer previously,

and are looking to get back into it when you turn 19 years old, this is completely perfect!

You don’t need to be as arduous in training as a novice to the game

because someone who has played for a significant amount of time will likely have established

the basic skills required to bowl, bat and field.

Thus, all you’ll need is to refresh your knowledge of these methods!

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What equipment will you require to Begin Playing Cricket when you turn 19?

If you’ve chosen to join a Nearby Cricket Academy  that’s great,

but you’ll require some gear that you can use!

If you decide to play cricket when you’re 19 years old,

it’s likely you’re going to be using the real ball of a cricket and therefore, you’ll require the proper safety equipment.

The primary pieces of equipment that you’ll require to begin playing with the club are:

  • The cricket ball that’s appropriate for your needs A helmet
  • Two pads for batting
  • An assortment of bat glovesCricket shoes
  • Wearing appropriate clothes (usually white shirts and pants)
  • A cricket bag for keeping your items inside! (Click this link to see my full review on 8 fantastic cricket bags)
  • A abdomen guard (also called the box or cup that helps to protect the groin area)

When you’ve got all the above mentioned items and are ready to

begin participating in games and practices with your team.

There are several other items that cricketers are awed by having in their kits. Here are a few of them:

  • Arm Guard
  • Guard for the thigh (inner and out)
  • Chestguard
  • Sun cream
  • Sun glasses
  • A hat
  • Wicket gloves and pads (if you imagine yourself to be the person who is behind those stumps)
  • A few cricket balls

How to Choose Which Cricket Club to Join

If you’re beginning to participate in the game as a teenager I’d suggest that

your primary priority should be finding an area cricket club that offers practice facilities of high-quality.

Additionally you must look for the club that provides the most practice sessions possible,

since these sessions will be crucial for your growth as an athlete.

Finding a club close to your home is crucial because you won’t need to travel far for practices and matches.

If you’re a teenager and you’re playing cricket just for enjoyment,

it’s likely you’ll be juggling other commitments like school or work and the faster you reach the cricket field the more efficient!

There are other aspects that could influence your decision-making club.

As I stated in the previous article If you’re a novice player,

I’d suggest clubs that have multiple open-age teams so you can begin at the lowest levels of ability.

Beginning with a team such as which will let you improve

your cricket abilities as time passes and eventually progress to one of the top teams!

Can You Be a Professional Cricketer If You Begin Playing Cricket at the age of 19?

If you possess the proper amount of natural talent, you can always become an elite player. However, it’s much more difficult when you’re 19 and have never played cricket prior to that.

When you turn 19 the best players have had at least five years of coaching experience,

and are already playing for their state or county teams.

Many may even have the opportunity to play for their national teams! You’ll need to put in lots of hours before you reach the next level.

This is difficult when you need to manage other obligations around your athletic life.

However, the game is packed with players who began playing cricket

late yet managed to turn into pros with a lot of success.

You’d like to be one of the ranks, you plan at a minimum of five hours of training per week, and try to be a part of your club’s team in as many games as you can.

Then you’re thinking of becoming a professional cricketer, you must be winning in cricket for your club, and showing regular, winning matches in your group.

You’re able to do this, you may be able to take part in a test for your state or county team, and then progress from there.

Some players have the raw talent to play cricket like having the capability to spin quickly,

or have great hand-eye coordination, which allows players to become great batsmen.

Some players lack as much natural talent , and must depend on

hard work and determination to get them to the top levels of the game.

19-year-olds with lots of natural talent will be required to develop

and improve their abilities, like getting better at bowling in length and line as well as how to display the discipline to make their shot selections on the crease.

19-year-olds with a lack of natural talent are required to put in

twice as much effort for them to reach the level of professional players!

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