How to Draw a Raven

How to Draw a Raven. Ravens are large, elegant blackbirds. If you want to draw this cute animal, follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to draw a raven quickly and easily. You won’t need any special tools for this drawing project. You only need a sheet of paper and a writing instrument, such as a pen, pencil, or marker.

At each step of this drawing guide, you will see new elements represented in blue. Draw lightly at first, as you’ll erase some of your lines as you go. Add each new blue mark to its drawing, and soon you’ll have a complete image of a raven.

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Step-by-step instructions for drawing a raven.

Step 1

Start by drawing a medium-sized oval in the top left corner of your paper, about a quarter down the page. This will be the head of the raven.

Step 2

Draw another bigger oval connected to the first oval. The second oval should slope from the first to the bottom right corner. Its choice end in the middle of the page. This is the body of a raven.

Step 3

Connect the two ovals with two little curved stripes to form a neck.

Step 4

Draw a long line from the large oval’s center-right to the page’s bottom right corner. Then draw another line parallel to this one, starting at the bottom of the large oval. The second line should curve towards the first, but they don’t touch. This outlines the bird’s tail.

step 5

To draw the wing, make a curved line starting in the top half of the large oval and ending in the middle of the right tail line. Connect this to the bird’s rear with another scarcely curved line.

Step 6

Next, add some feather details. Do this by making jagged lines on the left side of the left neckline, at the bottom of the large oval, and connecting the two tail lines.

Step 7

You will now erase your guidelines. Remove the portions of the ovals between the necklines, within the wing boundaries, and above the ragged feather lines on the stomach.

step 8

Sketch on the legs. Start by using two curved lines to form the front leg, letting the tops of these lines cross the line that forms the stomach. Connect the lines at the bottom with a jagged line representing the feathers. Use curved and jagged lines to form the opposite leg’s top. Then draw two lines that start almost straight and then curve at the bottom to form the front bottom of the leg. Repeat for the bottom of the back leg.

step 9

Draw the foot, starting with a wavy line below the leg. Connect the right third of this line to the foot using another wavy line to form the rear toe. Draw a short straight line and a curved line from the tip in an almost triangular shape. This is the claw or claw. Extend a curved stripe to the left from the front of the portion. This will form the middle finger. Draw another curved line from the leg, connected to the previous line by two-thirds of its length. Draw a third similar curved tube below the first, slightly longer than the second Draw a curved triangle at the future of the nearest and central toes. Connect the middle finger’s claw to the nearest claw’s midpoint with a short curved line.

step 10

From the rear leg, draw a curved line with a curved triangle at the tip. Connect the triangle to the shelter of the other foot with a short line. Draw another curved line and a triangle on top for the farthest finger. For the back toe, draw a small blunt triangle sticking out behind the front ankle. Form the talon from another short triangle.

step 11

To draw the brim, use three curved tubes extending from the small oval. The lines must converge at the moment. Connect the right side of the top and middle ropes with a straight line that bends sharply at the footing.

step 12

Erase the straight line of the beak and the curved line that crosses the top of the front leg.

step 13

Add jagged lines of feather detail on the stomach, upper legs, shoulder, face, and beak. Texture the lower part of the legs with small horizontal lines.

step 14

Use swooping curves to add a soft texture to the top edge.

step 15

Continue adding curved feather texture.

step 16

Use five curved lines extending from the right of the wing to form the raven‘s flight feathers.

step 17

Place three parallel diagonal lines on the tail.

step 18

Draw three sets of parallel curved lines to texture the top wing.

step 19

Draw the eye very close to the beak. Draw three circles, one inside the other. Shade the middle circle

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