How the GUMS Procedure Can Help You Get a Whiter Smile

Most people don’t realize that the color of your teeth has a lot to do with how white they actually look when you smile, but they do! The color on your teeth can influence the way other people perceive your smile, which can affect your personal confidence and the way others treat you at work and even in social situations. Fortunately, there’s an FDA-approve Gums procedure call GUMS (Gingival Uniformity Modulation System) that uses radiofrequency to remove the pigmentation in your teeth and make them whiter without using bleaching, grinding, or even drills to get rid of stains.

What is GUMS?

The Gingival Uniformity Modulation System (G.U.M.S) or in short call GUMS is a patent cosmetic treatment process develop by Britegums . Brightegums uses our patent and FDA-approve dental instrument that uses radiosurgery technology for Pinkening. There is no cutting, grinding, or bleaching; the only material use for this procedure is an injectable dye so you can have whiter teeth in just one session. For those of you that would like to speed up their process, we provide soft tissue grafts, bone grafting and guid tissue regeneration to give you smoother and fuller gums.

Gingival whitening procedure

Gingival uniformity modulation system is an aesthetic process of utilizing radiofrequency waves that are transmit through an endoscope to teeth and not deep enough to cause bone damage. It is approve by FDA and has been use in many cosmetic treatments of teeth like gum enhancement, tooth reshaping, pinkening, cavity removal etc. Our flap surgery or pocket reduction surgery can remove as much as 75% from beneath your gums in most cases. In addition, we will perform tissue grafts that removes parts of the recession of your gums and procedures that lead to guid tissue regeneration for thinning tissue. Finally, tis procedure helps stimulate protein production which strengthens tissues to increase ability to keep their form.

The Whitening Dental Instrument

To get start with the procedure, you’ll need to go in for a consultation with your dentists. After this, your dentist will use our Whitening Dental Instrument on your teeth to give you a nice, pearly white smile. This can be done for just one tooth or up to nine teeth at once. If need, there are tissue-stimulating proteins and bone grafting available that can improve color without costly dental work.

Which teeth can be whitened?

You’ll have to talk to your dentist or doctor about which teeth can be whiten. That will depend on what condition your teeth are in, how many teeth you want to get whiten, and what you’re comfortable with. It’s typically cheaper if you only want to do one tooth at a time, but sometimes it can be cheaper if you just want to do more than one tooth at once.

Sometimes people also need dental surgery before they can get their teeth whiten. This is usually because there is too much plaque built up under the gum tissue that needs to be remove before treatment can start. Dental flaps (surgery) and soft tissue grafts may also be use for patients with gum disease or receding gums.

Side effects of the procedure

G.U.M.S is not without risks as there are always consequences of any procedure. Bleeding can happen, as can other side effects such as, tissue-stimulating proteins that build up in your mouth for weeks after, increasing your risk of developing halitosis and tooth decay. Pocket reduction surgery has its own set of complications: post-operative pain is common with this surgery and patients may experience difficulty swallowing or chewing for several days following their operation

The recovery period after GUMSS

The recovery period following the GUMSS procedure may vary from person to person, but typically it is about one week. First, you will need to keep your mouth as clean as possible by maintaining good oral hygiene and brushing your teeth at least twice per day. Eating may be difficult during this time as well; however, keeping healthy snacks on hand can help maintain an adequate nutrition level. Since sharp or hot foods may irritate tissues post-procedure, it is important to avoid these types of food for at least seven days after surgery. In order to help the healing process, it is recommend that you do not smoke and limit alcoholic consumption during this time frame. Drugs should also be avoid unless they are prescribe by your dentist or physician.

Results of using GUMSS

Britegums has change my life! Flap surgery and gum grafting were something I dread before, but this is my favorite procedure. This simple process can restore your healthy gums and give you a beautiful smile in as little as an hour, so there’s no need to fear. I am excited to share my experience of GUMSS with you because it gave me back more than just my healthy gums: it gave me confidence in myself.

1) Your dentist will numb your mouth using lidocaine injections around the dental work site. The numbing medicine will make you feel completely comfortable even if it feels slightly uncomfortable on the injection site-relax and trust them!

Tooth Sensitivity After the GUMSS Procedure

Oral Health plays an important role in your oral and general health. Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints. Sensitivity can be cause by underlying gum disease or trauma to your teeth, often due to braces, dental procedures, or even intense tooth brushing. A treatment option for sensitive teeth is GUMSS (Gingival Uniformity Modulation System). During the GUMSS procedure our dentist will use radiosurgery technology for Pinkening and perform flap surgery (pocket reduction surgery) which is use to reduce pocket depth at risk of infection. The GUMSS method creates less damage to your enamel and pulp which ensures a greater quality of life! Call us today so we can get you back on track with that white smile you love so much!

Cost of GUMSS procedure

The total cost of this procedure is $1,795 and includes one laser treatment with results that can last up to 18 months. The first consultation appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and will include a digital X-ray scan and review of your personal dental records. After our initial consultation, you will be require to return for two follow-up appointments before your cosmetic treatment. This includes one visit two weeks before surgery for blood tests and routine dental cleaning, as well as an appointment 48 hours after the surgery for removal of sutures. Additionally, there are expenses associate with other fees not includ in our total price, such as prescriptions from your dentist or medications from your pharmacy if prescribe by Dr. Dasani

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