Complete Guide to a Bicycle Trip to Leh Ladakh From Srinagar

It is popular because of its popularity

Despite the fact that many people drive from their motherlands to Leh ladakh, it can be daunting to see our country’s size. You can easily get an early start on this excursion by traveling to Srinagar and renting an auto or motorcycle.

There are many options to rent vehicles, outfits and inventories in Srinagar. You don’t have to travel for days while carrying your stuff. Instead, you can get back to work right after you reach the wharf.

It’s fashionable to take time to visit.

Summer is the best time to drive by car from Srinagar and Leh. From May to September, you will find the best riding and driving conditions as well as the smallest rain-related road closures. There won’t be many opportunities to rent an automobile during the off-season.

What is the best way to travel to Srinagar

Road: Depending on your daily travel distance, you can take the National Highway network across the country to reach Srinagar in between 2 and 7 days.

While bus travel by machine can be an exciting adventure, you may feel less comfortable once you reach Srinagar. You might find it easier to travel Leh and the surrounding areas by yourself, rather than using a machine to calculate.

Flying to Srinagar from London and landing at Sheik-ul-Alam International Airport in Srinagar is another great option. You can save days on your trip and rent an automobile as soon as you reach Srinagar.

Road trip from Srinagar, Leh-route

Although there are many routes from Srinagar and Leh, we recommend that you take different routes each way.

How to get from Srinagar, India to Leh

Sonamarg, Lamayuru and Leh.

It’s 430 kilometres down.

Sonamarg to Lamayuru

The NH1 will take you the first 80 kilometres of your journey to Srinagar. Take a break and admire Sonamarg’s natural beauty, including distant glaciers.

Lamayuru to Leh

The NH1 can be followed for a little more than 200 kilometres to reach Lamayuru. To reach Lamayuru, you should expect to travel for approximately 4 hours. The road leading there is often slow but decent. You have so much to see and such great lodging options, it’s worth taking the time to do some sightseeing before you head on to the next part that will take to you to Leh.

Leh to Srinagar

After covering the 100 kilometres, you should arrive at your destination in no more than three hours. You should explore every druther that is available to excursionists when you arrive in Leh.

You will need to stay at least three or more days in order to experience the incredible original cooking. The next day, you will travel via Batalik or Kargil to Srinagar. You can visit Gurdwara Pathar Sahib and the glamorous Hill of Khardung La, Nubra Valley or Sarchu. All these places are just a few hours away by auto.

Returning to Leh via Road Trip from Srinagar

Leh via Batalik also to Kargil and Srinagar

a 462-kilometre distance

Vehicle reimbursement

You have two options when renting a vehicle from Srinagar. You can either contact the drivers to make a specific arrangement or you can set it up on your arrival and take what you have.

Renting a motorcycle starts at. 1200 toRs. 2000 per day, often including all the necessary outfits.

Because most rental companies prefer to do business with four-wheelers, you might need to accept a reimbursement for the motorist.

These can become very expensive, reaching up toRs. You can pay 5000 per day for a nice car, but you should also consider how many passengers are able to pay the bill.

The basics of a trip

Rainfall-defensive clothing


Food and drinks

Maps and first aid supplies

All firebugs and widgets will find dishes

Cash for food, petrol and other expenses. Some identification cameras

From Srinagar to Leh, it’s an incredible trip full of sights and gests. Enjoy Leh’s beauty, and all the comforts that are available to you once you arrive. Have any questions about the trip? You should. Please join us in the commentary.

Ladakh is on the travel list of lot of people but only few are able to visit this beautiful place, this is trully a haven in India, this place is one of the most visit tourist place in India.

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