A guide: Comparing green energy suppliers

This guide will run through the green energy suppliers in the UK, offering you advice on which one to choose if you want to help the environment.

In this guide, we will compare different green energy suppliers in the UK in order to give you a better idea of which one you should choose when trying to make your home greener. This will consider prices, customer service, and how eco-friendly they are.

With energy bills rising and carbon emissions always increasing, we are all looking for ways to be more sustainable in our everyday lives. It can help us to save money as well as the planet. Besides turning off appliances when they’re not in use and switching our light bulbs for more efficient ones, what is the most impactful way you can do this?

Switching to a green energy supplier that does not use fossil fuels to power homes, or offsets this use, could be the answer. In this blog, we will compare green energy suppliers to help you make this switch.


Octopus offers very affordable prices, often setting them apart from the big 6. Alongside 100% renewable energy sources and carbon-offset gas. They have won multiple awards for their fantastic customer service and flexible tariffs. It makes them suitable for a variety of customers. All of these factors mean that Octopus is one of the best green energy suppliers you could opt for. Especially if you have an electric car. They offer a specialist tariff that allows you to charge it overnight for lower energy rates. It shows they champion clean energy in more ways than one.

M&S Energy

M&S has partnered with Octopus to provide energy, meaning it remains as clean as Octopus but with different tariffs. Their prices aren’t as affordable as Octopus but they rate even higher on the customer service front. So they could be a better option if this is more important to you.

Green Energy UK

Awarded the Which? Eco Provider badge, Green Energy UK offers 100% green gas and renewable electricity, the only energy supplier in the UK to do both. Most other green suppliers on this list offset their gas rather than providing completely clean gas (learn more about this here).

What’s more, Green Energy UK only generates electricity in locations that ensure wildlife habitats safeguarded, so they are environmentally conscious on more than one front. They have three fixed-term tariffs designed to suit many customers, but their prices aren’t as low as Octopus.


Ecotricity is the UK’s only 100% vegan energy supplier, so if you’re looking to go completely green. They protect the wildlife as much as possible, they could be your best option. They are dedicated to putting an end to all fossil fuel use. So they make their own green gas from plant-based sources and provide only completely renewable electricity. They fund anti-fracking campaigns and use all profits to fund green energy infrastructure, possibly because they do not have shareholders. Their customer service and prices aren’t as attractive as others (in fact, they are the most expensive option on this list). However, they could be your best bet if you are hoping for the greenest option.

Good Energy

Good Energy was the very first green energy supplier in the UK so they have experience on their side. This is matched with good customer service reviews. It means that they are one of the most reliable options on this list. They offer reasonable prices and 10% biomethane and 90% carbon offset gas. It allows more eco-friendly ways to power your home than opting for the big 6 energy suppliers.

Click Energy

Click Energy is Northern Ireland’s top electricity supplier. They aim to make energy simple and provide green energy options for all of their customers. With flexible pricing options that allow you to top up from as little as £5. They generate electricity from every available renewable source and they even buy energy from customers. This means that customers may have their own solar panels. For example, can make a profit from this by selling their excess using Click. This helps to ensure that energy is never wasted and shows that they are championing self-sufficient energy sources. You can sell your energy to them even if you are with a different energy provider.

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