10 Best waterpark in California- Wild Water Adventure Park Clovis

California has plenty of fantastic tourist attractions, but it also has some of the most amazing water parks in the United States, and many of them are right here in the Central Valley! We’ve come up with a list of California’s 10 best water parks – and most are less than an hour away from Fresno! Check out our complete list below, and leave a comment if you have anything to add!

Biggest waterpark in California

One of the best waterpark in California is Wild Water Adventure Park Clovis the biggest water park in the US, with 30 acres of adventure and fun, and features plenty of rides to suit all ages and skill levels. There are 9 giant slides, family-friendly kiddie areas, and a wave pool where up to 2,000 gallons of water crash every minute.

The park also offers season passes that give you exclusive deals like discounts on tickets and food or merchandise. Everyone over 48 inches tall can use the best slide in California, the Flynn Bayou Slide Complex, with three awesome waterslides that take you high into the sky before you make a triumphant splash. If you want an adrenaline rush without spending hours strapped into a tube, Raging Waters San Jose has got your back. There are plenty of slides, including the super wet Typhoon Twister, which whips you around four corners at 60 miles per hour!

For something more tranquil, head to Lake Berryless, one of Northern California’s largest freshwater lakes, for some scenic relaxation alongside swimmers, boats, and wildlife.

Classy but informal

Every Californian deserves to take a break from the never-ending heat wave we’re stuck in and relax in one of our many fantastic water parks. The Clovis landmark has entertained guests for over 30 years with old-school slides, bowing baskets, and family-friendly rides. While everyone loves waterpark in California like Soak City or California’s Great America, there is nothing quite like the independence you have at Wild Water Adventure Park.

This is your go-to spot for parents looking for a fantastic place to spend a hot summer day. Kids will be happy with all the options, but if you need to make it rain in the shade, try heading out to catch some waves on their artificial beach. ; Description: Every Californian deserves to take a break from the never-ending heat wave we’re stuck in and relax in one of our many fantastic water parks.


Wild Water Adventure Park Clovis takes pride in providing a safe and fun water park experience. They have lifeguards at every pool area and a maximum of 2-3 kids per one lifeguard (or 3-4 kids per two lifeguards). In addition to keeping pools safer for the children and adults who visit, Wild Water also has ramps so those in wheelchairs can enjoy the water park experience just like everyone else.

Wild Waters is only one hour away from Fresno, making it perfect for your family’s summer vacation! The outdoor wave pool will offer many hours of wave riding for all ages and skill levels, while the more significant slides are perfect for older kids and adults. If you are looking for more than just a lazy day by the poolside or playing on inflatables, California Waterparks offers plenty of entertainment, including an 18-hole mini golf course open year round!

Large enough for groups

Come find out what best waterpark in California offer and have a great time! If you’re looking for some summer fun with the family or even friends, you’ve come to the right place. There are many parks all across California that allow people of all ages to enjoy the summer sun. For example, this fabulous park offers different slides and swimming areas to keep the fun alive! This makes it one of California’s 10 Best Water Parks!

Wild Waters Wilderness and Retreat Center

Crestwood Hot Springs Natural Hot Springs Hawaiian Falls San Antonio Theme Park

Lots of slides and activities

Visitors from all over California flock to the state’s best water parks to cool off. From San Diego to Northern California, we picked out 10 places that will make for the perfect summer outing. Come for a day or stay for a week at any of these fantastic attractions and get ready to ride the slides!

Annette Price Memorial Pool: This pool is great because it has zero-depth entry points. Guests can wade in and enjoy features like speed slides and lazy rivers without the hassle of going in head first. It is also one of the only privately owned pools on this list, but it is open year-round!

McMullan Pool: This aquatic center provides water fun like no other.

Heated outdoor pool

Located in the town of Clovis, Wild Water Adventure features a spacious heated outdoor pool with shaded areas. It includes a double spiral slide and is perfect for beginner swimmers. There is also an ice water plunge hole for those who want to cool off after a long day at the theme park. At $11/person for admission, this family-friendly facility is excellent for kids’ birthday parties or just some quality bonding time with friends. Kids of all ages will love it!

Free parking

Wild Water Adventure Park is located in a small lot on the west side of Gentry Ranch in Clovis, CA. It has ample parking for both cars and RVs. There are two entrances to the park. One entrance is near a field of cottonwood trees where you can purchase cotton candy, water, and other assorted items before going into the park. The other entrance is at the front gate, close to concessions and the general store.

Easy to get to from downtown Fresno

Fresno has a lot of hot days and lots of waterpark in California to beat the heat. A few standouts in the area do their own thing to make them great for families. Here are some options around town.

Wild Adventure waterpark in California is probably the most convenient for families in Fresno, with three-story rope courses and kiddie zip lines. You can hike or bike ride on trails, rent kayaks, and mountain bikes, or splash down in one of six Olympic-sized swimming pools full of twists and turns at some spots, including a giant waterslide into a sand bottom pool and surfing rafts at another spot. No wonder this park has been ranked #1 by multiple family fun awards!

Excellent restaurant options on site

With so many options for food nearby, it can be hard to choose. That is why we have created a list of some of the most popular restaurants on site!

The East Coast Grill and Raw Bar. This restaurant offers guests tasty seafood and a wide selection of wine. With TVs placed all around the restaurant, this is an excellent spot to watch your favorite game with friends or family.

Popular with locals and tourists alike

If you’re looking for a splash of water-based fun in the South Valley, look no further than Wild Water Adventure Park! This is just one of best waterpark in California, and we’re proud to have it in our backyard. They say something is only worth doing if you do it well, which couldn’t be confirmed at Wild Water Adventure Park. Local families and tourists visit our site year-round for thrilling water slides such as Thunder Rapids and the Drop Out Falls to family-friendly attractions like Catch A Wave Bay or Otter Creek Pool. So take a trip out to your nearest water park today!

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